Get out of bed, sit at desk.

I’m new to blogs and social media and everything else that gets ping-ponged back and forth over the Interweb. I still make arguments for writing by hand, for reading books and writing in their margins (I’m told you can do this on an e-reader, but it’s not the same because can you really write in different coloured pens and markers each time you read the book?).

Despite a love for ICT policies (go net neutrality!), I’m not ready to convert and get a smart phone or an e-reader (although I read Remix as an e-book and felt okay as I just made notes on pieces of scrap paper). But last Sunday in a fit of productivity before making a terrible Sunday steak dinner, I  joined Brazen Careerist because I thought that if I did something, I wouldn’t have to start Tweeting or updating my Facebook ad infinitum. So I chose Door No. 1 and now I read Penelope Trunk’s blog, after the news and the Daily Mail’s gossip, but before starting the productive things I’m paid to do.

Penelope wrote a post about how “the biggest triumph is getting out of bed“. I couldn’t agree more. For me, the biggest thing is getting out of bed, turning off the connection to the Internet*, opening the .doc file and starting to type. If I can type words and sentences and paragraphs and maybe pages instead of just “oidjfaoklsadjfwoiebv”, then even better. But when it’s dark and cold outside and the coffee doesn’t taste very good and I just want to go back to sleep and hide, I’ll settle for a bunch of “oidsajfwexcoio”.

* okay, so I never turn off the Internet connection. What if something important happens? Or if there’s a this-moment-only giveaway for free shoes?


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