Calisthenics, the novel and some jumping jacks

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any of the above – calisthenics haven’t appeared on my radar since elementary school, I last tackled the novel-in-progress for 30 minutes on Friday morning and I think I may have done some jumping jacks during my final year of university when I really, really had to stay up.

But apparently the mental and the physical go hand and hand.

The Financial Samurai wrote about connecting the mental with the physical and outlined a few ways we can accomplish both:

* After every written post, do 120 sit-ups and 60 push-ups.  Write 3 posts a week, end up doing 360 sit-ups and 180 push-ups.  The more you write, the more you exercise!

* After every hour of reading (work or pleasure), do 10 minutes of yoga or stretching.  Read 6 hours a week, ensures an hour of peaceful limbering.

* After every TV show or sports game you watch, play an hour of your own favorite sport.  If you don’t play sports, go for a hike or a bike ride.  If you can’t go outside, spend the time cleaning the house.

Although I’m not sure an incentive to write more is the opportunity to exercise more, FS has a point, one that I mostly fail at integrating into my own life. The plan is to wake up every morning at 5, go for a jog, be back and showered by 6 and then sit and write for 1h1/2 – 2 hours before going to work. How often does that work out?

Just about never.

I blame Hong Kong’s haze, the humidity that hits so early in the morning and the fact that most Hong Kongers are complete night owls. Over here, the early bird definitely does not get the worm (it’s usually the person whose most aggressive). Then again, if you want to fit into Hong Kong-sized jeans, you’d better go jogging.

So it’s off to bed now to try and find the mental/physical, writing/jogging balance. While I’ll probably accidentally sleep in, I guess there are always jumping jacks to fall back on.



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2 responses to “Calisthenics, the novel and some jumping jacks

  1. Hey There! Good to hear from you. Has Hong Kong’s pollution gotten any better or worse over the years?

    I like the city’s buzz but the pollution gets to me.

    Best, Sam

    • Melanie

      It’s worse, I think. I live in an area with some of the cleanest area around and the haze in the morning is astounding. But where it really hits is the first time you go out running/hiking in another country and you start to imagine coughing up black soot. Did you used to live in Hong Kong or just visit?

      Be well, Melanie

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