Bringing home the bacon

So I’m hungry and craving bacon and melted cheese. It’s mostly because the newest editorial from my old college newspaper came out today about freedom of speech and not too many years ago it would have been my former colleagues and I, sitting on tattered couches in a moldy building trying to find the right language to use for the editorial. And at some point, we’d probably order bacon and cheese pizza. As you would.

I’m feeling homesick for Gabriel’s bacon and cheese pizza and the best I could find here in now-temperate again Hong Kong was a recipe for eggplant parmigiana in some sort of layered lasagna style, which is not the same because there’s no bacon, but there’s melted cheese involved and if you really wanted, you could add bacon. Maybe the lesson here is compromise. And to take pictures of your food to substitute always eating food.

After going over 25,000 words this morning (at some precise time like 6:37 a.m.), I’m now craving bacon and this belt (it’s a beetle!) from Atlantis Home, which I probably can’t afford but might try to afford anyway. I basically make shopping decisions based on whether or not I bring my lunch to work: If I vow to bring my lunch to work every day for the next six months and never go to Starbucks unless it’s I’m meeting my Chinese tutor, then I can buy this belt.

Today, I brought pasta with chorizo, zucchini, pesto and corn today. And grapes. But I didn’t take any photographs, although maybe I should have.

This isn’t entirely unlike  the time I bought a dress off of net-a-porter (it wasn’t expensive) and decided to make a chart to graph how much it would cost, each time I wore it. I need to wear it another 23 times before I start to feel justified about buying it. And I have decided if I need to include dry cleaning costs in it.

But I think this belt would make getting up at 5 a.m. to write crappy words a lot easier. Maybe if I up the deal and say that if I don’t buy wine for two months, then I really, truly can buy it.

And in other news, my latest review for the Asian Review of Books is posted here.


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