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Things I learned from not showering for 7 days.

Last May, I went on a seven-day camping trip through the Namib desert. I call it a camping trip because although I was working (from about 6 a.m. until midnight for seven days straight), I was not one of the 200 people who had decided to run, walk or hobble my way through 250 kms of rough country, sand and sand
dunes (the second largest in the world!). Instead, I was the on-location writer, providing daily updates and twice daily features.

On the job.

It was my first time in Namibia and to date the farthest I’ve ever traveled for a work project. Also the most challenging because while I wasn’t doing the equivalent of a marathon a day for six days straight, while carrying everything on my back except water and a space in a tent, I did have to pack everything I needed for a week, including food (hell it was mostly food in there), shove it all in a single duffle bag and throw it into the back of a pick-up truck.

Though I wasn’t like some of the competitors who opted to compete in the same pair of socks for an entire week in order for their back pack to weigh slightly less, I did have the same experience in that I had little sleep and went without a toilet or a shower for a week. At one point I threw a little bit of water from a leech-infested lake onto my bangs (this was before we knew there were leeches), but in the end, nothing really took away from the fact that I hadn’t showered in a week. Continue reading


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